Visitor Parking Service


Visitor Parking – “Give your customers the VIP treatment with Tournament Parking’s new corporate parking tool”

Tournament Parking offers its business partners a range of parking solutions to better manage their existing visitor carparks.

Visitor Parking Solutions provide a web-based booking system that allows companies to better manage their visitor carparks. It allows for better management of usage and cost of carparks as well as the opportunity to generate additional revenue through the offering of excess carparks for rent to casual users in the same location.


·         Premium customer experience

o   Turn a typically average experience, into a point of difference

o   Make parking simple for your customers

o   Send individualised email confirmation

o   Visitors never see payment details

o   Can be used to support parking for major events

o   Currently used by many of NZ’s largest financial services providers

o   No more buying pre-paid tickets or renting a ticket validator

·         Reduce visitor parking costs

o   Book the exact number of parks that you require and only pay for the time you use

o   Eliminate expensive dedicated visitor spaces

·         Cost reference tracking

o   Accurate cost control and allocation

·         A more efficient way of doing things

o   Fully web based, no need to install applications or involve the IT department

o   Easy to track usage with full export to MS Excel

o   Easy to use – on-site training available if required

o   Bookings can be made in seconds

For more information about Visitor parking and whether it is the right parking solution for you please visit the Visitor Parking solutions website at Give us a call or you can enter your details below: